Ever wonder who sets the TONE for the color of the year? Pantone is known as the authority on color. Together with representatives from color standard groups from around the world, the color of the year is decided upon. The 2014 color of the year is… Radiant Orchid (Pantone 18-3224). “ Radiant Orchid imitates great joy, love and health”.

Aside from the color of the year, twice a year Pantone also compiles the seasons most important color trends. The 2014 Spring color trends comprise of the following colors as shown below.

BTB is pleased to showcase & allow customers to shop its’ jewelry which matches the Pantone Spring 2014 spring pallet.

Stay tuned for the Pantone 2014 Fall/ Winter color pallet.


Cayenne #18-1651


Celosia Orange #17-1360


Freesia #14-0852


Hemlock #15-6114


Placid Blue #15-3920


Dazzling Blue #18-3949


Violet Tulip #16-3823


Radiant Orchid #18-3224


Paloma #16-0000