Summer 2014

Embellishment Enthusiast

We love the embellishment trend this season- after all, isn’t that what Jewelry is all about? Right now we are seeing everything from tops, skirts, slacks, shoes and handbags embellished this summer. They are a great way to add a little sparkle to any outfit and are right up BTB’s alley. Embellishments are the perfect transitioning piece when transforming that casual day outfit into a dressy night outfit and they are all the rage this summer!


Futuristic Florals

As most of us know, fashion is cyclical and it looks like flower prints have made their way back this season but with a fun, modern twist. It is no surprise to us that floral prints are in season as Miranda Priestly quotes in The Devil Wears Prada, “Floral for Spring? Ground breaking.” It doesn’t get much more feminine than a floral print whether it’s being seen in home décor, apparel or jewelry. BTB is right in style this season as we have lots of fun flowered inspired statement necklaces to make you feel girly & chic.


Bohemian Babe

Summer 2014 is all about relaxed, comfortable and hippie-inspired styles which leads us to one of our personal favorites; the bohemian trend otherwise known as “boho-chic”. The basics include flowy skirts & dresses to fun layering necklaces and headbands. This trend is a great example of the trickle-up theory which means a trend became popular from street style and was adopted by mainstream and higher class groups. A few celebrities that come to mind when thinking of Boho Chic are Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen as well as Nicole Richie and Selena Gomez.


Rock out

Who doesn’t love a little rock & roll every now and again? For those of you who are edgier and like to dress a little more grunge than others – you’re in luck this season because the rocker look is in its prime! When thinking of the classic rocker chick, Gwen Stafani & Avril Lavine immediately come to mind. We will be seeing a lot of black, leather, studs and hardware in general this season. Everyone be on the lookout out for this trend as it is sure to ROCK your socks off!